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Estate Planning

Why Accountants Offer The Best Estate Planning Services

In the past, estate planning services focused on planning for what would happen to a person’s assets after they died, but that isn’t necessarily the case anymore. Now, it has more to do with how a person’s wealth will be managed while that person is alive and how everything will be handled...

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Business Funding

Presenting To A Financier? 5 Tips From A Business Consulting Professional

If you are presenting to a financier, you need to stand out from the crowd. As a business consulting firm in South Africa, we have seen many people with great ideas get overlooked because their presentation skills weren’t good. The ability to speak clearly in front of people who hold your fate...

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Professional Accountant Montana Pretoria

3 Things South African Accountants Do That You May Not Know

Many people don’t realize that accountants do more in a day than just sit and look at numbers. In fact, the traditional role of an accountant is becoming less and less of what they do and becoming more complex and, in some cases, creative. Accountants have an important role in the finance...

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