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What Is Elicitation? An Overview

An elicitation is the process of discovery to determine business requirements with the help of a business analyst. Often, the information that someone investing in a business or someone who is a stakeholder in a business needs is not listed anywhere. Instead, it comes through random emails or phone calls - an...

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7 Everyday Tasks Professional Bookkeeping Services Do

A bookkeeper can be a job within a company or it can be something that is outsourced to a third party. No matter what, a bookkeeper is likely to have a long list of duties that range from simplistic and quick to lengthy and complex. Often, the bookkeeper will need to use...

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3 Hidden Medical Costs To Plan For In Estate Planning

Everyone, absolutely everyone, needs an estate plan that is well written, thought out, and complete. Even if you don’t have a ton of money, you don’t own a home, and you don’t run your own business, you need an estate plan. Estate planning is a way to declare your wishes for what...

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