Estate Planning Services

At IC Quantum Accountants, we have extensive experience in the drafting of Wills and Estate Planning Services. Details are important to us, so we start with a detailed analysis of the affairs that need to be handled. You are kept in the loop about every step of the process – keeping an open line of communication is essential to get what you want. As a team, we will work through the use of trusts as part of Estate Planning as well as discuss Estate duties, capital gains taxes, and donations taxes.

Most importantly, we will discuss your objectives and what you need for yourself and for your dependents. As we have much experience in handling estates, we know all of the areas that can be particularly difficult, which is why we take our time and leave no stone unturned. We pay particular attention to:

  1. Liquidity needs
  2. Business Interests
  3. Offshore assets
  4. Marital regimes and possible consequences after the client’s death
  5. Accrual claims
  6. Life-partners/Cohabitators
  7. Guardianship for minors
  8. Maintenance for dependents
  9. Dependents with significant medical care required

When Wills are structured appropriately, using (where necessary) inter vivos or testamentary trusts, you can have peace of mind that there will be little fighting or complications when you do pass away.

We maintain a database of all our clients’ Wills so that there can be no debate about it and ensure that there is proper succession.


Our South Africa Estate Planning Services

When it comes to Estate Planning services in South Africa, it can get a bit difficult to navigate the law, untangle the technical terms, and ensure that everything is covered. At IC Quantum Accountants, we ensure that your needs are met from the first contact with us and throughout the entire process – including Estate Planning, Future Care Planning, probate, and trusts.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the Estate Planning laws and regulations, ensuring that everything is handled by the best hands, including conversations with financial institutions, insurance agents, attorneys, and more. We handle everything in-house so that there are no loose ends. Our team is equipped to handle all matters regarding wills, living wills, power of attorneys, revocable and irrevocable living trusts, and Estate Planning.


Estate Planning & Deceased Estates

When we are a part of your Estate Planning team, we can also help with the winding up of your estate once you have passed. As we are a multi-disciplinary accounting firm, we are able to help your dependents with tax advice and accounting services. This will not only improve the efficiency of closing your estate, but it can also help curb some of the costs incurred by inheriting deceased estates and ensure that your dependents handle everything with ease and care. We can also help with finalizing tax returns, calculating Capital Gains taxes, assisting with deeds, redistribution agreements, and more.

On top of that, we help in the preparation, completion, and submission of the necessary documentation that is required by the Master of the High Court in order to report a deceased estate.  Once the Letters of Executorship have been successfully and officially issued by the Master of the High Court, we ensure that everything has been done appropriately for the winding-up of the deceased estate in terms of the Administration of Estates Act, No 66 of 1965 (as amended). We work to ensure that everything is completed appropriately and that there will not be any delays in settling your estate. Of course, it helps if you work through our Estate Planning to do this.

We understand that there can be many different emotions and a fair amount of uncertainty experienced in the case of a deceased estate, especially by those who love you the most.  We provide a personal and efficient service to you during Estate Planning and then to your loved ones after your passing, or we can help with settling deceased estates for your loved one. Our team, which includes professional staff that is accessible and genuinely interested in assisting you to wind up the estate, will walk you through every step of the process.

At the end of the day, your “estate” is more than just the total extent of your property and possessions – it is part of your legacy. Estate Planning is a service which anticipates and arranges the disposal of your estate upon your death. By choosing to proactively protect your loved ones through Estate Planning with IC Quantum Accountants, you will ensure that:

  • Your heirs enjoy the benefits promised to them
  • The costs to your estate are kept to a minimum
  • The transfer of assets to your heirs is simple and easy for all parties
  • Complications that may trouble your survivors are eliminated

Give us a call today to get started on your Estate Planning.