Our Mission

Our mission for our clients is that they feel supported and educated in making decisions about the financial futures of themselves, their families, and their businesses. We offer proactive advice and guidance to ensure they are successful.

Our mission for our team members is to foster a community where they can work at their best, growing intellectually and becoming better at what they do.

We honor our mission by:

  • Building meaningful, impactful relationships with our clients;
  • Keeping an eye on regulatory changes and laws;
  • Continually learning and improving our own skills;
  • Hiring talented professionals and empowering them;
  • Fostering a positive community that encourages everyone to become proactive.

Our Vision

Serving our clients, our team, and our community as leaders in South Africa and beyond.

IC Quantum Accountants is one of the leading independent accounting, taxation, and advisory firms serving the Greater Pretoria area. We have built our firm to meet and exceed the unique expectations of private companies and families. Our services help them to plan for the future, respond to changing market opportunities, and overcome challenges. As a company, our focus is always on providing advice and guidance that is nuanced, decisive, and forward-thinking. 

Our team is up to the challenge: we strive to look at the journey ahead of you, but not forgetting the journey that brought you here.

At IC Quantum Accountants, our mission is to serve our clients, our team, and our community as leaders in South Africa and beyond, with passion, integrity, and hard work.