Why Outsourcing Payroll Services Makes Sense

Business owners often waste quite a bit of time and energy handling activities that they could just as easily outsource, including payroll services. When you have the head of the company (or some other skilled person) working on something that doesn't bring in a profit, it doesn't help to add anything to...

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Pretoria business plan with ICQ Africa
Business Funding

What Makes A Business Viable To Funders?

One of the most difficult steps entrepreneurs take when they first start their businesses is finding funding. Making your business seem viable to funders is a long process that requires research and some hard work - but it isn’t impossible. In order to make your business viable, you will need to come...

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Estate Planning

What are the Best Ways to Pass Assets to Your Children?

If you are looking to pass your assets to your children, there are some excellent ways to start planning right now so that you can ensure your children won’t have any problems when you are gone. Even better, you can ensure that the assets you pass on are used properly and to...

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