Business Analysis Services

At IC Quantum Accountants, our business analysis services help you to understand your business’ current position in terms of what you need to do to grow your organization and facilitate progress. Our program works to identify the requirements of your business and then defines and validates solutions that will help you to meet those needs in a designated time. This is an extremely delicate service that shouldn’t be carried out by just anyone – it is something that needs to happen with care and expertise. Our team has the experience and care to do this successfully.

Getting the best business analysis in South Africa is vital to the success of your business. As with all of our services, you will receive unprecedented access to the most experienced business analyst in Gauteng – someone who has years of experience in industry-standard techniques and terms.

Our business analysis services are designed to help you understand your business and deliver real, measurable benefits using:

  • Elicitation: We can work directly with stakeholders to identify and understand what it is they need, what their concerns are, and determine what it is that they need rather than what it is what they simply want.
  • Analysis of Requirements: Our team will work to prioritize and elaborate on the requirements of the stakeholders so that you can effectively implement a plan that will meet those needs. When combined with hard work, this is a map to success.
  • Organization: Our team will help you to decide how to best document and organize the requirements so that you can reach them and achieve the benefits that you desire.
  • Modeling: We will build business models that will help to show what your organization’s status is now (using data) and model how it could be into the future.
  • Documentation: One of the most important business services we offer is the assessment of your business as it is now, recording business process flow, measuring key business data, and denoting the impact on day-to-day options while coming up with an organization strategy for all of it.
  • Issue and Risk Management: Our skilled team will identify project issues and risks and seek prompt resolution.


Business Plan Reviews & Analysis

Our team will thoroughly study your existing business plan, if you have one, and provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the things that you should highlight before you approach your shareholders. This is an intensive process that will allow us to:

  • Scrutinize the existing business plan and identify any shortcomings there may be;
  • Advise you on any updates or changes that need to be made before you can proceed;
  • Assist in making your business plan more compelling and understandable to all the appropriate parties – you can never be too specific;
  • Assure that you understand all of the complexities so that you will make a compelling presentation to your financier.

At IC Quantum Accountants, we have overseen many different business plans and then watched them succeed. We can tell you the secrets and tips that you will need to get started and get the best possible footing. To get started on your business plan review, give us a call today.

It is important to note that we do not write business plans, rather, we develop plans with you, using your live inputts, that can be used in new and growing ventures. Our dedicated team of industry professionals is focused on getting your venture successfully funded with the highest quality business plan.

We strive to offer the highest quality business plans and business analysis through an understanding of the criteria of the funders, what your business is going to be, and what it all means to you. From there, we can work together to create something truly special.


Business Consulting Services

Our team is focused on driving your business towards profit and growth, as well as any other goals you may have. We work to maximize your potential and build a strong organization from whatever point you are at now to where you want to go. The sky is the limit when you have us to help you answer the following questions:

  • How can you maximize your business efforts for greater, more profitable results?
  • How can your business compete in a market that is oversaturated?
  • How can your business compete in an ever-increasingly competitive global market?
  • How can you get your staff to buy into what you’re trying to achieve?

At IC Quantum Accountants, our business analysis services provide your organization with both the security that you need to move forward and the confidence that your needs will be understood and recorded by our team. This provides the foundation for a relationship from which we can analyze your business and set you on the right track moving forward.

Ready to get started? Give us a call now.